AimNxt's Fun-Filled SUMMER CAMP Technical Programs

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Summer Camp On Fundamentals Of HTML & CSS

Summer Camp On Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing

Summer Camp On Fundamentals Of Data Science

Summer Camp On Fundamentals Of Drone Technology

Rishi UBR Women’s College

We, AimNxt, are proud sponsors of the event hosted at Rishi UBR Women’s College.
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AimNxt wishes the budding managers successful careers

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Explore the exciting world of tech with AimNxt's fun-filled summer camp educational programs!

Fun and engaging activities programmes for children of all ages. Strong focus on Web Technologies and AI, ML | Digital Marketing Programmes Open to students from all schools - Wellbeing focus.
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Transform Your Perspective with Drones in Our Summer Camp

Embark on an exciting journey to explore the skies and elevate your skills with AimNxt and Indian Drone Academy at our Summer Camp Workshop!.
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Our CEO Mr. A.L Srinath Achar, who is also the head of admissions at MSIT, conducts an orientation program for students at RGUKT Ongole & Nuziveedu

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A presentation on the best "Network Security" practices conducted by "Cisco" and "Nipun" in collaboration with AimNxt

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AimNxt enters into an MOU with ProMantra.

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AimNxt enters into an MOU with CNLU, Chanakya National Law University

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AimNxt enters into an MOU with CIHL MIST

The Head of Marketing at Plum conducts a brief session

At AimNxt, we recently hosted an insightful session on marketing and branding, along with Mr. Shreyas Achar, the Marketing Head at Plum. We deliberated on various strategies to enhance our marketing efforts, empowering us to reach new heights in our branding endeavors.

AimNxt organizes a 10-day training program for the Deloitte team in SAP, in consortium with Affluent Global Services

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Success Celebration: Honoring Our Placed Students at AimNxt

At AimNxt, we proudly celebrated the achievements of our students who secured placements after successfully completing our courses.

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Our team conducted a workshop at Anaya Degree College

AimNxt recently organized an enlightening workshop at Anaya Degree College, focusing on Cyber Security and Networking career guidance. The event aimed to equip students with essential insights and knowledge about these dynamic fields, emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity in today's digital landscape..

Through interactive sessions and expert-led discussions, attendees gained valuable insights into career opportunities, industry trends, and skill requirements. AimNxt remains committed to nurturing future professionals and guiding them towards successful careers in cybersecurity and networking.

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