Duration 2 Weeks
Batch Dates Batch 1: April 25th to May 8th
Batch 2: May 9th to May 22nd
Batch 3: May 23rd to June 5th
Mode Online / Offline
Timinings 09:30 Am to 1:30 PM
Trainer 9+ Years of Experience
DGCA-Certified Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Instructor at India Drone Academy

The Drone Technology (Summer Camp)

  • Introduction to drones, history, and various types of drones
  • DGCA rules and regulations
  • Phantom 4 Introduction, features, Applications and usage
  • Drone applications in various industries
  • How Drones can Fly: Fundamentals and Basic principles

  • Phantom 4 RTK, D Rtk Introduction, features, Applications and usage
  • Basics of drone building and construction
  • Introduction to drone components and their functions
  • Mavic 2 Introduction, features, Applications and usage
  • Troubleshooting

  • Maintenance of drones
  • Introduction to drone simulation
  • Drone simulation Training
  • Anafi Ai (First Mobile Data 4G drone), features, Applications and usage
  • Advanced drone simulation and Exam

  • Matrice 210 RTK, features, Applications and usage
  • Drone flying regulations and restrictions
  • Hands on flying
  • Drone Photo and Videography flying techniques and maneuvers

  • Drone inspection and maintenance Hands on Flying at IDA Flying center
  • Drone flying test and evaluation
  • Certificate handover ceremony
  • Please note that this schedule is just a suggestion and may be subject to change based on the specific requirements of the training program


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